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The Promise CMO Suite: Real Value-Add

Strategic Partners

Digital Marketing:

Prolific Ventures ( is a digital marketing agency/Accelerator. Co-founded by Promise and Prolific Media, the Company has accelerated eComm growth for many companies, notably AKIRA, Annabelle and Pear’s Snacks within the Promise portfolio.

Brick & Mortar Distribution:

Surge CPG ( is an Incubator/Accelerator for Food & Beverage companies. Co-founded by Promise, Norman Distribution and Advanced Naturals Group, Surge provides a 10+ person sales team, distribution to 3,000+ retail accounts, and broker access to 50+ Foodservice accounts. Surge currently works with Annabelle and Pear’s Snacks.


Gertrude Inc ( is an Innovation & Brand Development agency,  working side-by-side with Prolific and Surge to improve Innovation, Branding and Packaging among many things. Gertrude’s current customer roster includes PepsiCo, Hershey’s, Ketel One and Annabelle

Digital & Brick & Mortar Distribution/Marketing Opportunities


Direct-to-Consumer Sales: All three management teams believe the company’s current direct-to-consumer website is under-utilized.  Making clear so as not to compete with its customers, Prolific/Gertrude will assist in growing the company’s direct to consumer sales.

Geo-Targeted Marketing for Retail Customers: Utilizing geographically targeted data, Prolific/Surge will help drive consumers to brick & mortar locations, where branded & private label customers are selling Annabelle/SGF/EMB products

Test/Incubate New Products: New products are economically tested digitally (via Prolific) and through brick & mortar (via Surge CPG)


B2B Sales Leads: Through a proprietary software called Birdsi, Prolific is able to help identify and provide contact information for Buyer leads at many of the major potential customers

Promise Holdings brings a CMO Services Suite to all of its portfolio companies. This consists of:


Prolific Ventures​

Prolific Ventures is a partnership between Promise Holdings and Prolific Media to invest in and provide value-added services to various eComm businesses, by providing value-added digital marketing expertise, equity & debt capital raising capabilities, and general strategic and revenue generating capabilities.”.


Surge CPG was created to provide the next generation of food and beverage companies with actual, tangible value-add. Our unique team has complimentary skillset with an entrepreunurial bend to make you true value-added capital. As partners, Surge provides

on the shelf distribution into 10- 3,000 stores, to test or to scale, actual outsourced sales and operations management, invested capital as lead investor or part of a syndicate, and equity & debt capital fundraising capabilities. Through a disciplined, comprehensive approach, we add value in every phase of a brands evolution.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 11.49.06 AM.png


Gertrude, Inc. is a global innovation, brand development, advertising, and marketing services consultancy that creates purpose-driven ideas, new products, and environments where people discover, rediscover, engage, and connect brands to culture

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